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Stiff Finger

Stiff Finger Treatment

Whether you have broken a finger, sprained or dislocated a finger joint, or sustained a tendon injury, if you are struggling to restore full movement to a finger,  hand therapists have numerous techniques to help restore the mobility to your finger.

Reducing Swelling

Swelling creates a physical barrier to movement so an important part of restoring mobility to a finger, is removing any remaining swelling.  Our hand therapists can fit you with custom-made finger compression stalls.  These still allow movement of the finger and are easily removed for hand washing and showers.


Key to restoring movement is knowing the right exercises to perform.  Our hand therapists will advise you on the most safe and effective exercises.

lycra finger stall.PNG

Lycra finger stall to reduce finger swelling

Reducing Pain

Persistent pain can get in the way of recovery, so electrical modalities are sometimes used to reduce pain and assist soft tissue healing.

Capener Dynamic Splint.PNG

Capener dynamic PIP extension splint to regain extension in a stiff finger

Splints to Correct Deformity / Restore Range of Motion

It is common for finger injuries to result in a crooked finger.  A range of treatments are available to correct a fixed flexion deformity, including custom-made splints which are generally worn at night to straighten the finger while you sleep.

If bending the finger remains a problem, our hand therapists can fabricate a dynamic flexion splint, which provides a gentle prolonged stretch to the shortened tissues.  This type of splint is worn intermittently throughout the day, and is combined with exercises.

relative motion orthosis.png

Relative motion orthosis to help regain
finger extension

dynamic finger flexion splint.PNG

Dynamic finger flexion splint to restore flexion to a stiff finger

Static progress night extension splint.PNG

Static progress night extension splint

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