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Your therapist will listen to your concerns and tailor an individualised treatment program to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Patient playing violin with wrist strapping to reliee pain.

Conditions Treated

  • Fractures of the hand and arm

  • Sprains, strains and dislocations

  • Arthritis

  • Over-use conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tendonitis,
    De Quervain’s, tennis and golfer's elbow

  • All post – surgical patients including tendon and nerve repairs, amputations and joint replacements

  • Sports injuries

  • Post-traumatic stiffness

  • Pain syndromes

  • Musicians’ hand injuries

  • Neurological conditions affecting the hand such as stroke and brain injury

Conditions Treated


Our therapists are trained in clinical assessment of the upper limb.  We combine in-depth knowledge of hand anatomy with a thorough history of your injury to ensure correct diagnosis of your problem.
  • Your hand therapist will perform clinical diagnostic tests to gain more information about your problem and in some instances may recommend further diagnostic imaging be arranged through your GP, to ensure appropriate treatment.

Patient performs their home exercise program at Bayside Hand Therapy in Brisbane with a variety of exercise tools.


Hand therapy treatment may include:

  • Exercises to prevent or overcome stiffness

  • Strengthening exercises

  • Wound care including dressing changes and removing stitches

  • Manufacturing splints to protect injured structures or restore motion to stiff joints

  • Scar management to soften, flatten and desensitise scars

  • Reduction of swelling including pressure garments

  • Advice on how to prevent re-injury/complications


Splints / Orthoses

Our therapists are highly skilled in manufacturing orthoses/splints.
  • Splints are individually crafted in the clinic while you wait

  • Thermoplastic splints are light-weight, and can generally be removed for cleaning the hand and performing specific exercises.

  • Splints are usually made to protect healing structures such as a broken bone,  torn ligament or skin graft.

  • Splints may also be used to restore movement to stiff joints, or to support a painful joint to improve hand use in conditions such as arthritis.

Patient wearing a custom made splint fabricated at Brisbane hand rehabilitation centre.
Patient is fitted with a waterproof cast for treatment of distal radius fracture at Brisbane hand clinic.

Waterproof Casts

Our therapists are experts in the application and removal of casts.  We offer waterproof cast options including synthetic casts with a water repellent cast lining, and EXOS braces.  Both options allow you to shower and swim with the cast on, without the need for a plastic bag.

Click on the link below for more information on what to expect with a waterproof cast.


Post-operative Hand Therapy

Our therapists worked closely with Upper Limb surgeons to tailor post-operative treatment to each individual’s surgery.

Recovering from upper limb surgery is enhanced at Bayside Hand Therapy because we –

  • Understand that you may initially feel unwell, anxious and have pain, so we educate you about the post-operative recovery, provide pain treatment and loads of re-assurance and encouragement!

  • Perform all post-operative treatment including wound care, removal of stitches/sutures, swelling control, exercises, splints and pain management.

  • Know the surgeon’s expectations and if we are concerned, we can communicate directly with your surgeon.

  • Care about you getting the best outcome and will do all that we can to get you better in the shortest possible time-frame

Patient recieves dressing change to wound post operation at Brisbane hand therapy clinic Wynnum
Pain Management

Pain Management

Our therapists use a range of modalities to deal with both acute and chronic pain.
  • We incorporate many resources and processes developed by the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute, including Graded Motor Imagery, Mirror Therapy and the Recognise App.

  • Our therapists are also trained in the use of InterX Neurostimulation,  an effective, non-invasive and drug free treatment for pain.

  • We also offer wax bath, dry needling and cupping.


Scar Management

Treatment for problem scars following hand surgery.
  • Following hand surgery, scars may occasionally become thick, raised, abnormally sensitive or restrict movement.

  • At Bayside Hand Therapy we have a variety of treatments for problem scars including silicone products, massage techniques, therapeutic ultrasound, taping, compression garments and desensitisation techniques.

Scar Management
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